Monday, 13 May 2013


Welcome back to Blogtique!
I'm back with a spring in my step, for a couple of reasons: exam period is done (for a little while) and the sun is out to play for much more of the day...Need I Say More?

This post however, is very 2012. I'd planned everything out ready to post, last year? Never mind -eh
There is no time like the present, so I've decided to post a few 2012 related posts. 

2012 'twas the summer of the "Mullet Skirt", and although I wasn't as keen in the beginning, the trend grew on me. So I decided to dust up my skills on the machine, accompanied with an issue of Company Mag and produced my very own. Nothing too technical, just took a dress of mine, snipped and stitched my was through. It was rushed and fiddly but I managed to make it and wear it on my body and that was a RESULT for me!

Step 1:
The dress which I cut the bodice and the skirt off. 
Step 2:
I did my pinning to make it easier when stitching.
Step 3: Measuring the remaining S/A before pinning again
Step 4:
Continue stitching
Step 5: Voilà!

The basic 5 Steps to creating your very own Mullet Skirt! 

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