My journey in Creative Arts can be summed up as that of serendipity. From an academic background I often found myself escaping the stress of chemical equations and calculations by photographing self-portraits. With a basic phone camera or webcam I would snap up reels of 50+ images of myself. However stumbling across editing software such as Picasa transformed my basic interest into a hobby. I would spend hours editing with basic tools and loved the transition between processing images.
I took my interests further by doing my first shoot with school friends in a nearby field. We got together, put on an array of fashion and headed out into a breezy landscape and the project was a real success. Fired up by the response from sharing on social media platforms I was more determined than ever. But it was not until time at University studying a Business Management course that I pursed my hobby into my passion.
The moment I was exposed to the blogosphere I knew I had a role to play. I created my first blog accounts on multiple platforms and tweaked layouts with design buttons until I was comfortable enough to create my first blog. Hours passed by editing layouts and exploring complementary backgrounds colours and fonts which would change frequently due to my hard to impress aesthetic.
There has been a major improvement throughout my work within the past year with my designs transforming from noisy to simplistic. I believe my blog designs are unique and portray my array of creative skills. Not only this, but my interest in journalism is projected in my written articles. I have a voice that speaks volumes on print and a combination of this and my eclectic style makes me the ideal candidate for a role in Creative Design.

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  1. Hey hun, I like your blog and wanted to give you kudos! Also to invite you and check out my love story at TheReporterandTheGirl.com


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