Thursday, 6 June 2013


 The Sun is out and NOW it's okay to show a leg or two! (Although these snaps where taken a while back, March to be precise) I thought I'd share them appropriately with the summer vybz here, there and everywhere:

 1) Oversize Blouse - Black H&M
2) Shorts - ?
3) Shoes - Gift!!!

 The focus of this blog (at the time) was the shoes! I can't express how comfortable these beauties are. I can walk, run, jump, strut, brukkk in these. I usually wear them with a similar Tan Shopper Bag from Zara and work the outfit around them like that.  They where a gift so it's a shame to say I won't be getting them in every colour possible, YET ;)

Thank you for having a look!
Ms B

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More summer snaps to come
Enjoy the Sun and all the Love it brings out in people!!!
Love Ms B xx

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