Tuesday, 26 June 2012

miss me?

Although I almost gave up blogging due to being away for such a long time, I’m happy to say I’m back!!! I was shocked by my stats achieving nearly 1000 hits within just two months! I’m so grateful to each and every visitor and I am excited to be back with a new perspective of Utopia. I appreciate your return and welcome aboard any 1st timers… 

6 weeks ago, unplanned, I dropped everything (including exams) for a trip to Africa. Although I missed my mum and friends I had an incredible time away. There is such a stark difference in lifestyle between Zimbabwe and England with neither measuring up to the other in comparison. I was motivated by the drive people possess to achieve big dreams regardless of the obstacles. 

Jewel Magazine 
 My dear cousin Tsitsi Mutendi, editor of Jewel Magazine 
"...a high end business, fashion and lifestyle magazine for women. It is a mass- market glossy that inspires the mind and feeds the soul of Zimbabwean women." is just one of many testimonies of such ambition and success.
 I watched her juggle the magazine, a husband, a new born and a household simultaneously, kudos to her! 

Magazine galore for the flight!
Tatler, Stylist, Hermes, Company, Traveller, Cosmopolitan
With all my free time I managed to fit in plenty of reading. I travelled with plenty books and magazines to keep me occupied. I fell in love with the South African publications of Glamour and Cosmopolitan magazines. It was refreshing 
to read beauty and fashion articles from an African point of view. I will be sharing many of my discoveries including make-up tips, hair care, fashion and plenty more goodies. 
yikes! more and more reads!

This trip helped me regain my focus and re-evaluate what matters the most in my life. It's not often you get "a break" from everything and just relax. I enjoyed my time away and although I would gladly drop everything yet again to go back, I'm here now. I want to make the most of what I have  and make the first steps in the right direction. Success won't happen over night but then again nothing worth having comes easy...

I plan to dedicate time and effort and more importantly have fun with my blog. I'm so excited to be back and my head is overflowing with ideas ideas and more ideas! 
Feels good to be back
Ms B x

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