Tuesday, 26 June 2012

first time for everything

My first ever and very unplanned OOT.. 
colour blocking I guess?

Dress: this dress was a Christmas present from my mummy and it is absolutely huge on me! she always buys me clothes a size or 2 bigger "just in-case" I get bigger..although I don't see myself jumping to a size 16 accidentally! This was my first time wearing it and it was a big risk...that paid off! I help it up with a chunky black waist belt and it fit just right. The material is so soft and just falls on my body beautifully

Shoes: It was love at first sight for me! I own a few platforms but the colour caught my eye. The sling at the back also adds extra comfort. Oh and how could I forget the price £12 SALE!!! bargain. They are also available in pink and all sale items are buy one get one half price. YES PLEASE!

Clutch and Chain: I was very unprepared and left the house accessory-less. It's always handy to have a sister around who kindly lets me borrow her stuff! mwahhh

Lips: This my everlasting love Russian Red by MAC! You could strip me naked and leave me wearing this and I wouldn't even notice. I finally found a red lipstick which goes perfect with my skintone and I don't plan on letting go just yet!

MsB x


  1. The shoes are amazing!
    Love the clutch ;)
    The Land of Miabelle
    p.s.: let's follow each other?

  2. Love the look :)



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