Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Let's make it WORK!

Lately, my favourite magazines have been filled with work articles which inspired me to share this post. 

Although I'm only a first year University student I've started looking at future career prospects and researching work experience and internships (and there is SO much out there). A business studies degree is not industry specific and allows you to explore. However, this can be daunting as there are so many options.. What I DO KNOW is I want a moving and productive career with no restrictions and opportunity to grow and expand and most importantly doing something I love and can wake up for at 6am with no complaints and a spring in my step. 

Glamour magazine's May 2012 issue features an article following four women working in fashion for designer discount website TheOutnet.com (which I should be posting about soon). It was a great display of successful women in the business world, a topic which I am greatly passionate about. From Deputy Product Editor to Social Media and Mobile Marketing Executive their roles and backgrounds are so diverse but still one thing in common, high female achievers all with a passion for fashion.

I also picked up an issue of Stylist magazine after being bombarded in the streets with copies and copies and  it was full of treats as usual. This issue of stylist (122nd) features a Work/Life article by Anna Fielding, Editor of Emerald Street, Stylist's free daily email (read here). She talks about a very exciting "one-day diary from morning latte to lights out" full of a range of things to do such as writing stories, interviewing people, meetings and reviewing bars and restaurants across London. 

After reading, I headed straight to  Emerald Street ...LO AND BEHOLD! my eyes drooled all over the screen... and I'm sure yours will do just the same. I love the simplistic yet bold design and the site is not overloaded with information making it easy to navigate. 

My favourite section has to be "Things to do". With five regions, London & S.E, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh & Glasgow being bored is no longer an option (well,for me anyway). I'm excited to visit some of the places mentioned especially Bars & Restaurants and will definitely be recommending anything that hits the spot! 

This should be a great diversion from revision and coursework and all the other wonderful things that come with the student lifestyle. 

Finally I can't stress enough how much a balance is needed between your education/career and external hobbies/distractions.

I've found a lot of comfort and freedom in blogging and whilst you may not necessarily have the time or energy to blog, why not buy a read a new magazine? It doesn't have to be fashion or beauty related. Experiment with Interior Design, Weddings, Cars or even Cooking! (nom nom nom) Whatever it is, make sure it doesn't become a chore or sway you from important tasks and lastly ENJOY.


  1. Adorei o seu blog!


    Inté :*

    1. Obrigado! Desculpe Não falo português! (all google)!
      Adorei o seu blog too

  2. how did you get may's issue of glamour for £1?! i had to pay full price!

  3. Ah was in Tesco and HAD to buy it bargain


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