Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Cambridge Satchel Company

Kelis with her very own Cambridge Satchel.
The Batchel Collection in Pink
Hey guys ( I'm still looking for a pet name to call my blogging friend, an alternative to "DOLL" Mm maybe something like Bozo's. I just like the sound of that quite funny! OK enough of the rambling....) 
This post is about a recent discovery of mine the Cambridge Satchel Company!

I HAD to stop this girl in the street (I do this very often you'll soon find out) and find out where she got her rose pink bag. LO AND BEHOLD! That wouldn't be my last encounter...

These things are just about everywhere and so they should. The design is just so simple but very well made. The company has received a lot of press and celebrity interest and has seen sales soar into their millions. Their collections are widely varied to suit just about any style and Options include The Classic, The Flouro and The Metallic. Apart from being very popular among other bloggers and extremely positive reviews I think everyone should carry their very own satchel because it is just dashing to the eye. Male or female anyone can pull off this look and draw some attention.
I'm stolen between my three favourites The Designer in Chesnut and The Classic in Red or white. I'm debating with to buy as my "University Help" during second year. Probably a 15" Batchel, Described on the website as "A versatile 15” satchel, the perfect sized student bag accommodating A4 folder and crucial stationery, with the addition of a convenient top handle" My first step in my plan to "re-vamp my look" for second year University. Out with the jumpers and leggings where possible and rack in the dresses, trousers and mid-heel court shoes... YEAH RIGHT!
 Either one will join be joining my vast collection of bags but undoubtedly the priciest yet. Prices start at about £70 but cheaper alternatives are available in their clearance section. More information is available on their website and I hope you fall in love half as much as I did. Happy Cambridging!

MsB x


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