Saturday, 28 July 2012


I took these photographs just after I got my braces removed..
I had the on for just under 3 years?! my teeth where not thattt bad but I just kept going back after my 6week appointments and kept getting told to come back 6weeks later (if you've ever had braces you KNOW how annoying it is) so i took matters into my own hands and didn't see my orthodontist for about 6months
when i finallyyy returned earlier this year lo and behold they were all ready to be off :D smiles all round

But I must be honest it wasn't all fun and games having these on they hurt, irritated, left me achy, i didn't smile in pictures just did this silly pout for 3 years! and because i had to master this i sometimes forget to smile :(

on my 18th birthday i HAD to have a em-brace my teeth and take a picture with the bad boys 

I appreciate my mum for the forced visits and consultations and after enduring 4 painful teeth being pulled out and years of tightening I gladly present my tooths. :D:D:D:D:D


  1. I know your pain! I had mine for just over two years, i still find it odd smiling too!

  2. eek thought i was the only one but i need to let go 'cos it just defeats the whole purpose!!


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